A journey into the heart of Sirmione and surroundings



Sirmione for an incredible charming experience. For combining the fascination of the multidiscipline with the beauty of the Peninsula that has always been, thanks to its natural position, a privileged location for tourism, treatment, harmony, landscape and architectural fairness.

The charm and the balance of this location, are the perfect background for a great sport event, which wants to combine the agonistic performance with the aesthetic pleasure. The Scaliger history, the medieval village, the lake, the natural landscape, the tradition of welcoming tourists and the receptive capacity thanks to the presence of the innumerable facilities, make Sirmione the place of choice for the Oakley TriO Sirmione triathlon.

The race will pulsate in the heart of the city, with the start from the fair Prete beach and the two transition areas on the Lungolago Armando Diaz on the lake and in via Montello, Colombare di Sirmione, in order to allow the athletes to live an experience of magnificence and charm.

Sirmione not just for the athletes, but a perfect location also for the companions. The thermal wellness of Sirmione, already famous in roman age, with its sulphurous therapeutic water that flows warm on the bottom of the lake, will constitute a perfect and lovely recreational context for the companions, as well as for the athletes who will rest during the following phases of the race.

Sirmione for a week end with your family or friends. Oakley TriO Sirmione can become a good excuse for a week end of relax, happiness and thermal baths to share with family or friends.


Overlooking the Valle del Mincio, Monzambano stands in a prominent and strategic position on the Morenic Hills of Lower Garda. Appreciated for its tourist itineraries, it offers a spontaneous and warm hospitality in its trattorias, agritourisms and restaurants where you can taste wines and typical dishes of the area.

Its medieval castle probably dates back to the period of the decline of the Hungarians; castle-defense as they tell us its perimeter and its towers, one of which turned into a clock tower and from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Mincio valley. Inside the walls there is the eighteenth-century church of San Biagio, obtained from a previous parish church of Roman origin dedicated to Santa Maria. From the castle we descend to the plateau, on which stands the parish church dedicated to San Michele Arcangelo. On the Umberto I street the Romanesque church of the Blessed Virgin Annunciata vulgarly called the Discipline. Opposite the square of the Palazzo Comunale, crossed corso Umberto I, you enter vicolo Balilla that leads to the characteristic “Piazzetta delle Arti e Mestieri” recently restored and from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Mincio river valley. The roads between the hills lead to the village of Olfino, which belonged to the Olivetans (olive growers). The slopes are today the area of ​​production of fine wines DOC. The vineyards are crowned by Castellaro Lagusello, one of the most evocative corners of Mantovano, entered the club of the most beautiful villages in Italy, surrounded by a nature reserve that is the site of the network European Natura 2000. A heart-shaped pond, surrounded by reeds, is the icon of the nature reserve, a treasure trove of significant biodiversity. Here there is also a UNESCO archaeological site.


Pozzolengo, in the lower Garda area, is located between the provinces of Brescia, Mantova and Verona, and is the last town in the province of Brescia.

Its past of considerable interest is still witnessed by a fortified medieval village, the “Castello di Pozzolengo” built around the IX – X century on Mount Fluno which still houses houses. The interesting artistic heritage is flanked by more rural buildings, typical farmhouses and cellars, as well as the Abbey of San Vigilio, built in the Longobard era.

These places are the ideal destination for itineraries in the open air, immersed in the moraine hills, for good food and locally produced wines.